In this insightful article, The New York Times Magazine interviews TransformCare President and CEO Kevin Dorrance, MD, about the chronic lead poisoning issues facing active-duty military members and veterans, along with recommendations for best how to address this significant health issue.

The TransformCare team developed a supplement to the November-December 2018 issue of Military Medicine that articulates the national conversation on health. Covering issues that range from the very definition of health to developing the next generation of physicians, these insightful articles address a wide range of issues from disruptive intervention to the transformative power of market innovation.

1. Disruptive Intervention and the Transformation from Healthcare to Health
2. Person-Centricity: Promoting Self-Determination and Responsibility in Healthcare and Health
3. Toward a Contemporary Definition of Health
4. The Role of Incentives in Health - Closing the Gap
5. Promoting and Sustaining Positive Personal Health Behaviors - Putting the Person First
6. Developing the Next Generation of Physicians
7. The Physician Shortage: A Red Herring in American Healthcare Reform
8. A Systems Approach to Person-Centric Health Economics
9. The Transformative Power of Deregulated Markets and Market-Driven Innovation 

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