An Alarming Health Crisis in Need of an Urgent Solution

• The opioid epidemic is killing 42,000 people per year
• The estimated cost for this national public health emergency is $78.5 billion
• In 2009, more than 75,000 veterans were homeless; substance abuse is the primary cause for 70%
• Approximately half of those in prison meet the clinical criteria for substance abuse or dependence
• Every minute counts—5 people die from the opioid epidemic every single hour

A Unique Opportunity to Provide Addiction Recovery and Wellness

Our LifeRecovery Services provide seamlessly integrated addiction recovery programs through our LifeRecovery centers and our addiction treatment projects in Texas, a planned treatment initiative in Maryland, and a 700+ acre campus in Virginia that includes, in addition to wellness programs and services, a residential treatment facility.
• Unique, seamlessly integrated, evidence-based addiction treatment model
• 3,400 people accepted into the program; 66% men, 34% women; 23% veterans
• 65% come from homelessness, 32% from the justice system (court-ordered, parole, etc.)
• Broad clinical expertise caring for military veterans with battlefield trauma and PTSD
• Our partners have invested $20 million with a $4 million annual operating budget
• Major partner has provided 700+ acres close to northern VA tech, govt markets
• Learning Academy includes ready-to-hire career training for IT industry jobs
• Funding is required for development start-up costs, operating capital
• National recognition for helping solve a national health crisis

Our Strategic Partners

The Akal Institute, Elkton, VA 700+ acres and a vision for 360-degree addiction recovery and wellness programs 
• Facing Addiction with NCADD (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence) - Integrating evidence-based addiction treatment policy and guidance 
• The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL) - Integrating addiction treatment learning across national efforts 
• The Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) - Integrating addiction recovery and wellness within the context of primary care 
• Docsnap Inc. - Digital health platform that helps solve the opioid crisis 
• Wiseman Ministries, Inc., Longview, TX - Restoration, recovery and self-sustaining life skills training 
• Remedy Partners, Inc. - Medicare-recognized value-based care and advanced payment solutions